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Name a Book is a dedicated community to share and discuss books that have impacted your life in some way.

Which books have made you think or feel differently about something?

Reading is one of the oldest methods of transferring and gaining knowledge.

Through reading, we expand our abilities and possibilities by absorbing more valuable information that was given to us by beautiful minds from around the world.

There are countless inspiring examples of people just like you or me, who transform their lives and overcome obstacles by fueling their minds with the treasures of knowledge. Their imaginations become limitless and so can yours.

Reading is a technique of healing and improving the personality. Cell by cell, reading can change your mind and your life.

Many of us suffer from tragic or difficult situations that hold us back from enjoying our life to the fullest. Books can inspire the change of brain pattern that’s required to help break old cycles and create more beneficial ones, so you can create your own success story.

WE can empower others and make any change in our own lives by equipping ourselves with necessary tools; books packed with condensed, powerful information.

Together let’s aim for developing the habit of reading and absorbing as much knowledge as possible.

Background story

Have you ever wanted to be successful in your life?

Do you want to have that power of freedom that allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want?

How do you bridge that gap between where you are now and where you want to be? I was one of the people who wanted success and freedom, but didn’t know where to start or what choices to make to get in the right direction.

I had a dream to continue my education and become a scientist. However, I didn’t spend the required effort & time at high school which resulted in a struggle for more ten years to find a meaning of my dreams.

But what happened? The power of books helped me get back on my horse and keep moving forward.

The most successful people have something in common; they have the habit of encouraging success by reading and learning about the disciplines they wanted to master.

So, the secret power is simply reading and learning.

NAME A BOOK is dedicated to the books that inspired me to overcome the struggles in my life. By reading different books, I have rewired my mind enabling me to deal with different things whether they are good or bad.

As a member of Name a Book, you too can share your thoughts, reviews and recommendations, as well as create your own content in the ‘Books that Changed My Life’ area.


The road to success is through commitment and to follow through with that commitment. If you can read, you and I can master anything since we’re  equipped with books from the best authors in the world. Reading their books to me is just like sitting next to them and chatting about their ideas and absorbing their valuable knowledge.

I’m aiming to expand my imagination by reading and reviewing a book or books on a monthly basis, and I’ll post a review describing why I recommend such a book for the audiences and how it influences me.

Final words to say, please fasten your seat belt, we are going to fly in the imagination world.

Thank you and welcome to my blog “NAME A BOOK” where dreams become true.




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